BizPhone Application

BizPhone is a VoIP phone system for Small Business, which comes with unlimited standard calls to Australian mobiles, standard local and national calls, plus great features like voicemail to email. For more information please visit

Transfer existing phone numbers

If you have any phone numbers to be transferred, please specify them here.

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BizPhone Options

Monthly Charge Min Cost (24 months)
 SoftPhone $ 24.95 each $ 598.8
 Standard BizPhone handset $ 29.95 each $ 718.8
 Cordless BizPhone handset $ 29.95 each  $ 718.8
Premium BizPhone handset $ 49.95 each $ 1,198.8
BizPhone Line over Analogue Device $ 25/month per line
Custom after-hours recording $ 50.00
Advanced configuration option $ 90.00
  1. Advanced settings must be disabled prior to porting
  2. Service numbers can’t be in transition and accounts must be up to date
  3. Unlimited Local, National & Calls to Mobile
  4. Competitive Rates for other call types such as 13, International etc...
  5. Prices are based on 24 month contract
  6. BizPhone Critical Information Summary